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About Us

Honesty – Trust – Integrity
the three words that have built Dutton Construction.

-Pride in building it Right- At Dutton Construction, we feel that we are a somewhat unique crew of builders. While most construction companies build houses, we build homes! We do this because of our passion for the work we choose to do. It’s not labor, it’s not a task, it’s fun, exciting and awesome—and we like it that way! Yet, we are serious about building the absolute finest home you might ever imagine as we plan, consult and communicate with you—the homeowner.

-The Owner/Builder Relationship- As an integral part of how we do business, before we even begin to erect your home, we insist on building a relationship with you that has a foundation built on trust! We honestly look for the best materials, the best construction methods and the best prices we can find. This is a business which carries the Dutton name, of which we are very proud. Therefore, all of our construction is done the right way—no shortcuts. We simply build with integrity.

-Experienced- We have been building Davis Frame Homes since 2000, so we know all the ropes. We are involved in all phases of your construction, from clearing the land (which we hold so dearly that we insist on disturbing the land as little as possible) to pouring your foundation, to raising the post and beam construction, with panels, windows, doors and the roof—all made to your specifications. We consult with you on the electrical, plumbing and any other energy or environmental needs you may have, and we get it done as efficiently and economically as possible.

-The Finished Product- In short, you get a key to your home that will last a lifetime…and beyond! Please look at some of the work we have enjoyed doing for people here in Vermont. You couldn’t pick a better state in which to live, you couldn’t pick a better built home in which to live, and you couldn’t choose a crew with more integrity, experience and passion for building than ours. Enjoy…and Dream!